Press & PR

A lot of people confuse marketing with PR. A good way to explain the difference is to think of an orchestra. PR is one part of marketing, in the same way that a violinist is one part of an orchestra. A good marketing consultant will be like the orchestra's conductor, guiding and directing all the individual musicians as they go through their performance.
Anyone who uses public relations within their marketing strategy will know that it is a 'slow burn'. You normally don't get instant sales results from public relations, but it will help to build awareness of your brand, and create an overall feel-good factor about your organisation.
A good PR campaign can also help to 'oil' a lot of wheels in business. For example when you need to influence politicians, investors, local residents and the wider community.
Over the last 15 years we have conducted many campaigns that have gained exceptional media coverage. This is not just in the local media, but also in virtually all British national newspapers and on national radio and television.