Marketing Strategy

It's surprising how many so-called 'marketing' companies don't actually do marketing in the true sense of the word. If you type the words 'marketing agency' into Google, you will get thousands of results coming up. But dig a little deeper and the vast majority of these companies are really just specialising in things like social media, website creation, graphic design, promotional gifts, or public relations.
A true marketing company won't just try to sell you its specialist promotional services. A true marketing company will strategically analyse what you really need, and then come up with a carefully thought-out plan for how to achieve your organisations' aims and objectives.
Unfortunately, most people who run marketing companies really just specialise in one particular promotional area (such as web design), and they will always try to push you into doing marketing that suits their own specialism. But what suits them, is not necessarily what suits your organisation.
The News Hound's Managing Director Darren Bugg is an expert in strategic marketing, and often conducts training work on this subject. He holds top level qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and is one of the only people in the UK to have a Masters Degree in Marketing and Innovation, awarded in 2011 by Ashcroft International Business School in Cambridge.
The News Hound is a strategic marketing company that will analyse what you really need and make recommendations that best suit your organisation. We won't just advise you to do what is most profitable to us. In some cases we actually even advise a customer not to bother spending any money at all, and instead recommend things they can do free of charge that will get them the same results.
Even if you decide not to use us for your marketing, we strongly advise you to check out the credentials of the company you intend to use, and make sure that they genuinely understand strategic marketing, and are not just trying to sell you something that you don't really need.